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Orthodontic Treatment

A patient of any age who is seeking out information on orthodontic treatment is likely doing so to achieve a straighter, healthier and more beautiful smile.  At Horizon Dental Care we offer each of our patients who are interested in orthodontic treatment a complementary consultation and orthodontic check up to accurately determine which treatment would be most effective.  It is important when considering orthodontic treatment to understand that each and every patient’s mouth is different and although traditional orthodontics may be the best route of treatment for some, ClearCorrect orthodontics may be a better option for others.  We are dedicated to ensuring that during the process of your orthodontic treatment you are as comfortable and confident as possible in your decision to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.  In order to determine the best route for your orthodontic treatment, call one of our office locations today for your complementary orthodontics consultation and check up.  You can also request an appointment at any of our locations here.


Orthodontic Consultation and Check Up:

Every patient that comes into our office inquiring about orthodontic treatment will receive a complementary orthodontic consultation and check up.  This exam is imperative to determine if a patient is an ideal candidate for orthodontic treatment.  It is also important for our specialists to determine which orthodontic treatment would be ideal for a patient to achieve their desired results.  The initial consultation and check up lasts approximately 30 minutes and is concluded with meeting your individual patient coordinator who will work with you on setting up a financial and treatment timeline for your orthodontic care.  

Traditional Orthodontic Braces

When it is determined that a patient would best benefit from traditional braces we will assign a coordinator to your individual case to guide you through the process.  The length of time that a patient will be wearing their braces is determined on an individual basis and varies per case.  It is common that the orthodontic treatment can last anywhere from 6 to 30 months, however the most standard time for treatment is on average 22 months.  It is important to remember that while you are wearing your braces you should maintain your regular oral hygiene routine and regularly attend your dental check-ups.   Once the time has come for you to have your braces taken off you will receive custom retainers which should be worn nightly to maintain the final result that you have achieved. 

Advantages of Traditional Orthodontic Braces:

Traditional metal braces are manufactured from the strongest material of any orthodontic option. 

Braces are known to be the orthodontic treatment with the shortest treatment time.

Ligatures can be created in a darker shade to hide existing staining on the surface of your teeth.

Metal braces are typically the least expensive route of orthodontic treatment. 



ClearCorrect is an alternative to traditional orthodontics.  When it is determined that ClearCorrect is the most effective route of orthodontic treatment for a patient we will assign a coordinator to your individual case to guide you through the process.  The length and amount of trays for a ClearCorrect treatment varies per case and will be determined by your specialist.  Any patient using ClearCorrect is expected to wear their alighners for 22 hours per day.  They can be removed when you are eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and flossing.  It is important to maintain your daily hygiene routine while using your alighners.  The average ClearCorrect alighners are changed every six weeks where they will be exchanged for the next phase of alighners.  Once ClearCorrect treatment is competed and you have reached the straight and beautiful smile you desire you will be given a final set of alighners to wear at night to maintain the final result of your ClearCorrect journey. 

Advantages of ClearCorrect Alighners:

The greatest advantage to ClearCorrect is it’s invisibility.  It is nearly impossible to know when a patient is wearing their alighners, as they are virtually invisible.

Hygiene maintenance is relatively easier with ClearCorrect because the alighners can be removed for a patient to maintain their daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

Each set of ClearCorrect alighners are custom fit leading to the upmost comfort you can experience while going through orthodontic treatment.

Each ClearCorrect case is available in a 3D representation of the patients mouth.  The company’s website allows us, as a provider, to create a 3D representation of before and after photos. 

In the case that a patient is allergic to metals ClearCorrect is the ideal alternative.